Issue 1 and 2 Reprint available to pre-order

Issue 1 and 2 of Eight Bit is now available to pre-order in our store.


Issue 5 now on Kickstarter!

Issue 5 of Eight Bit magazine is now on Kickstarter. Click it out here.


Issue 4 available to buy

Issue 4 of Eight Bit magazine is now available to buy ion the website's store.

Pre-order for Issue 4

After another successful Kickstarter, Issue 4 of Eight Bit magazine is now available to pre-order in the website's store. Thank you for your continued support.

There are also limited copies of Issue 1, Issue 2 and the 12 issue binder here.


Issue 4 Kickstarter Launched

Issue 4 Kickstarter is now live. Check it out here.


Issue 3 pre-orders now available

Issue 3 pre-order is now available on the Eight Bit Store page :-)


Issue 3 Kickstarter Launched

Eight Bit Magazine Issue 3 Kickstarter project launched! Check it out here.



Issue 1 and 2 available here

The reprint of Issue 1 is now available on the Eight Bit Store page as well as Issue 2 and options to subscribe to the magazine for 3, 6 or 12 issues.


Issue 2 on Kickstarter

Eight Bit Magazine Issue 2 Kickstarter project launched!

Eight Bit Magazine celebrates early eight bit microcomputers from the 1970's to the early 90's. While most publications cover only the gaming aspect of such computers we want to cover the hardware and programming side of things as well. After a successful Issue 1 Kickstarter (…/8bitmagazi…/eight-bit-magazine) we are delighted to offer even more in Issue 2.

Kickstarter funding starts at 6 Euro which will get you a printed copy of the magazine delivered free to anywhere in the world. Click the following link to view the kickstarter:


Issue 2 Announced

Eight Bit Magazine Issue 2 will be available as a Kickstarter project later this week. Kickstarter is being used as it is a great promotional tool and we think it's the best way to offer a subscription of 6 issues or 12. It will be a 30 day project instead of 60 and the magazine will go to print in early September.

Finally, for Amstrad CPC fans only. Check out Colour Personal Computing, a new Kickstarter project by James Ford for an Amstrad CPC fanzine.


Issue 1 a success

With over 400 issues sold so far and enough funding from our kickstarter project for future issues we can certainly call issue 1 a success. Below are independent video reviews of the magazine. There are a few remaining issues available to purchase so get yours here.

Website Launched

Eight Bit Magazine Launched. Expect futher content soon.

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